Kika & Bob is a fast- paced, funny, children's animated series with optional interactive TV games and a website. Smart seven-year old Kika and brave fireman Bob are blown to the other side of the world by a typhoon during an attempt to rescue Kika's kitten Tiger who is stuck on the very top of a church tower.

During the series they try to travel back home overcoming terrible obstacles, crossing strange territories and meeting even stranger people and animals. Add to this the All-Knowing-Narrator, a walking and talking Encyclopedia of Bizarre and Unnecessary Trivia.

Created by Vincent Bal and Colette Bothof, and targeted at the 7-11 age group (as well as those between 11 and 77).


Original version: English
Running time: 26 x 13-minutes
Release:autum 2007


Production Submarine | Co-production Peachblossom Media | Sales Submarine

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